In Hayne's hot-off-the-press Mountain Bike Book, the book's author Steve Worland, editor of What Mountain Bike, said Eastern Europe missed out on the first MTB boom so is having its bite of the cherry now. Of course, Eastern Europe is now also a major bike production region. No surprise, then, that a big bike trade expo is being promised for Warsaw in September...

Worland was right, Poles need an MTB education

"The great majority of Poles do not quite realise what a modern bicycle really is," says the website for WTR, the International Bicycle Trade Fair, to be held 27th-28th September.

So, will the International Bicycle Trade Fair encourage Poles, and other Eastern Europeans, to learn more about top-end MTBs? Or will the expo be a shop window for the increasing number of bike factories in the former Eastern Bloc, most of whom will soon be members of the European Union?

On May 1st 2004, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia are welcomed into the European fold.

"This will open a huge market of Central Europe for all those who will gain their foothold here this year," says WTR’s website.

"Early participation in our Fair will provide you with a crucial advantage in the future. We are going to be the hub of the bicycle trade for all new EU members, and our participants will benefit from the removal of all custom borders."

The International Bicycle Trade Fair is organised by the Polish Youth Society, Green Federation (the biggest nongovernmental organisation in Poland), and the POLPLAST Marketing Agency.


The Mountain Bike Book is published by Haynes and costs £19.99.

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