Via 'Green Rewards', staff at Copper clocked up green points and spent them at M&S and iTunes

Workplace grows cyclist numbers with incentives

A collaboration between Green Rewards and specialist comms firm Copper Consultancy has seen cyclist numbers rise at Copper from 12 per cent to 20 per cent.

The rise took place over a four month pilot where employees were incentivised for riding as well as for ‘responsible cycling behaviours’ – including wearing bright or reflective clothing, avoiding undertaking HGVs and other lorries at junctions and keeping a door’s width from parked cars.

As part of the JUMP scheme, Copper signed up for Transport for London’s Cycling Workplaces programme, which provided education sessions and cycle racks. 

Employees were able to earn ‘Green Points’ for their ‘positive sustainability and wellbeing actions" via an online programme. Green points could then be spent on over 1,000 products – selected by an independent Sustainability Panel – including M&S and iTunes vouchers – or donated to charity. 

Copper has offices in London, Bristol and Cumbria.

Ryan West, Account Manager at Copper Consultancy, said: “I had already been cycling to work and earning Green Points through the JUMP programme. It’s great that I can now be rewarded for cycling safely. I’ve been cycling for years but I still learned a thing or two through the new modules.”

Graham Simmonds, Green Rewards MD, added: “It’s great to see how JUMP can reward and motivate employees to not only look after their wellbeing and the environment but do so in a sensible and practical way. It’s encouraging that through the pilot project more staff felt confident and safer on the roads to take up cycling to work.”

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