Women's Cycling launches on 22nd March with a 30,000 initial print-run and availability in WH Smiths and bike shops.

Women’s cycle magazine hits news-stands soon

Women’s Cycling, a new magazine promising to be "an approachable and informative voice for female riders", launches on 22nd March.

The initial print run is 30,000 and the magazine will be stocked in WH Smith, supermarkets,and some bike shops. The magazine is published by Wild Bunch Media, the company behind Women’s Running, Men’s Running and Women’s Walking. There’s a taster of the new magazine on clicky-flicky Issuu.com.

Editor Lara Dunn said: "There’s a buzz surrounding women’s cycling. On a recent long road ride, for the first time ever, I saw more female riders than male, some riding alone, some in sociable groups. With the profile of the sport raised by our Olympians and Paralympians, our road riders, BMX riders and mountain bikers it really feels that we are making a female presence felt yet again."

Women’s Cycling is targetting the 25-49 year old women in the ABC1 demographic.

A blurb for the mag said: "With busy work and life schedules that take up a great deal of their time, many women are turning their back on costly gym memberships and choosing to get fit while cycling to work, or spending weekends embracing the elements and cycling off-road on trails and scenic woodlands. The other cycling magazines on the news-stands have a limited amount of content for women, preferring instead to focus on their male readerships with masculine content and design.

"Women’s Cycling will offer a friendly, accessible and informative new voice to the female cycling market that will be welcoming for new cyclists and inspirational for those who are experienced or regular cyclists." 

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