Tradewinds thinks about scaling down its investment in capturing new IBD business

Winds of change

Selling to IBDs is such a small part of our business. How much we spend on that channel from now on is something we constantly think about, Philip Rushforth of Tradewinds told BikeBiz this morning.

When asked whether Tradewinds distributor of Grimeca, Vuelta and Vee Rubber was pulling out the IBD channel altogether, Rushforth said:

Were thinking about it. Its no secret that most of our business is with major [corporate] customers. Our business with IBDs has always been minor in comparison. In a sense there will be no great changes. Its not as though we are a Fishers with 14 or 15 reps. Our one rep is still with us.

Rushforth said there would always be support offered for their key brands. Grimeca disc brakes, for instance, are already fitted as OE equipment on Falcon and Saracen bikes and will be on Treks next year.

We will continue to offer technical support to our 600 IBDs, said Rushforth.

You could say its business as usual.

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