Launch taking place at the Bike Place shows

Wildoo reveals Pro Custom Bike Bag

Wildoo has revealed its new Pro Custom Bike Bag, designed to transport bikes safely.

Launching at The Bike Place, the bag uses an aluminium chassis into which the front and rear dropouts mount so that the bike is secure and will not ‘float’ around the bag.

The chassis also has an integral derailleur protector so the frame and gears cannot be bent or crushed during transit.

Wildoo said: "The design is far lighter and less bulky than a bike box and is favoured by professional riders as you only need to take out the wheels so the bike can be packed or unpacked in seconds. The bag design follows the shape of the frame and keeps the form factor of the bag as compact as possible so that it takes less space when carried in a car.

"The compact form will fit in the boot of most medium/large estate cars, SUVs, 4x4s etc. Two wheel bags are included with Velcro straps to secure either side of the frame. For storage the bag can be folded down and will therefore fit through a loft hatch (ideal for anyone who does not have a garage!). This style of bag is perfect for team riders and even sales reps for transporting a high end bike securely."

The bag will retail at £350.00. Find out more at

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