Noticeable maintenance and performance benefits delivered say TF Tuned

Wickens and Soderstrom team TF Tuned for suspension lube

TF Tuned and Wickens and Soderstrom have collaborated to develop a suspension lubricant, which will now be used on all service jobs in the TF workshop.

Dubbed No.4 Tuned, Wickens and Soderstrom initially sent TF Tuned a batch to test. A few refinements later and the new suspension lubricant is good enough for the workshop and the TF stamp of approval says owner Ian Kennedy:

“Any product we use in the workshop has to work effectively and offer noticeable maintenance and performance benefits for the suspension we service. The suspension lubricant developed by Wickens & Soderstrom reduces breakaway force and seal stiction whilst also protecting the fork stanchions or shock body. Using the No. 4 Tuned Suspension Lubricant as part of a regular cleaning and maintenance regime will help reduce wear on the surfaces and seals of your suspension. We will be using No.4 Tuned Suspension Lubricant for all our suspension service jobs.”

The product is available to order now from distributor Dianomi UK, contactable on 01865 245 463.

Read more about Wickens and Soderstrom here.

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