The printed BikeBizBible will be sent out to 2500 trade addresses in early January. And what about the Xmas BikeBiz and the wallplanner?

Where’s B3?

The Xmas BikeBiz will be mailed out on Mon/Tues and, hopefully, will get to you by Saturday 23rd December. It’s a very upbeat issue, and features an IBD which has faced lots of competition over the past 35 years but has recently taken the bull by the horns, invested heavily in an up-to-date makeover and is reaping the rewards.

Unfortuntately, you’ll have to buy your own wallplanner for 2001. We couldn’t persuade an industry sponsor to cough up the couple of grand to enable us to mail you one free.

We asked the ‘usual suspects’ but none bit. C’est la vie. Hopefully, suppliers won’t take the same attitude to advertising in the print magazine. Too few advertisers, no BicycleBusiness and no As ‘Cycle Industry’ hasn’t been out for quite a while, the bike trade may be left with good old ‘BTI’ for its regular fix of industry information. Perhaps some suppliers would like to mull over that one as they assign their ad budgets for next year! Here’s a tip to those suppliers who spends tens of thousands in the consumer cycle mags: divert part of this budget to the trade mag, pound-for-pound you’ll get better value.

In other news...

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