Brand asks cycle commuter sector to send in their worst 'just cycled to work' pic

‘Wheely bad selfie’ marketing campaign targets cyclists

Marketing can be a tricky activity to get right, particularly when tapping into social media – as Waitrose found out last year when Tweeters highjacked its #WaitroseReasons campaign to poke fun at its upper class image.

One canny piece of social marketing that looks like a safe bet launched this week from Freefold. The brand is encouraging cyclist commuters to share their worst ‘selfies’ as they arrive at work – in all their post-winter ride glory – on the Freefold Facebook page.

The product that Freefold is plugging is of course its award winning suit-folding system designed for cycle commuters, housing a pristine suit for work whatever the ride conditions (within reason).

Tony Higson, cyclist and Freefold creator said: “After cycling to work for many years, I saw the gap in the market for the Freefold. A way to look good after cycling to work….if you have a shower, that is.

“The ‘wheely bad’ campaign is designed to give cyclists the impetus to get on their bike every day, against the elements of the cruel British winter months. There’s never really a positive to turning up at work with snot all over your face and a bright red nose, but now there is!"

Cyclists are being asked to upload their photo onto the Freefold Facebook page, then share and encourage their friends to ‘Like’ and share the image. Each Friday at 1pm, the photos will be judged by the number of ‘Likes’ and shares they have received throughout the week, then a new competition will start at 2pm on a Friday.

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