You've arrived at the public-access, front end of, the daily updated website of BicycleBusiness, the trade magazine. If you're in the trade, jump right in with your passwords, but if you're not in the trade there's still plenty to see and do, including landing yourself a bike trade job, or pinning down some facts in our statistics section, or searching on our comprehensive online address directory...

What’s this site all about, then?

The trade-only part of this site is uploaded with three or more stories every single working day. It’s the site every top cycle exec reads on a daily basis.

To get a flavour of our award-winning journalism, go back a page and click on the Sturmey Archer link. Our in-depth investigative reporting makes industry insiders click on many times during the day. And our ‘stickiness factor’ is also high thanks to our lively bulletin board where bike shop owners and bike trade execs chew the fat.

If you feel you qualify for the trade-only passwords go the contacts page, email us and we’ll evaluate your request. Please provide full details on who you are and what you do.

But even without the passwords, this site is dead useful.

For beginner cyclists there’s a whole load of ‘new to cycling’ articles, including a glossary of terms, and for students, investment analysts, bank managers and others interested in the make-up of the bicycle trade, there’s the statistics section, dripping with hard-won facts and figures, the best on the web. And free to boot!

Job seekers can access the SitsVac page. Would-be bike trade entrepreneurs looking for an easy way in to the trade can click on the businesses for sale link.

And anybody searching for a particular bike company or bike shop or brand, can search on our daily-updated BikeBizBible (the B3 directory).

Have fun.

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