The website for 'What would Jesus drive?' is now back online, and contrary to what this site said last week, the God-squadders don't just want to see less SUVs on the road, and more fuel-efficient cars, they also want to create more cyclists. [The BikeBiz view is that it ought to be a Christian duty to ride bikes, cycling should be a Mitzva for Jews, and any Muslims neglecting their saddles should be subject to the odd fatwa or two...]

What would Jesus ride?

See last week’s story about ‘What would Jesus drive?’, the link is below.

The website for this multi-denominational, multi-faith campaign was off-the-air last week but it has now reappeared among us. And – miracle of miracles – the Evangelical Environmental Network of Pennsylvania is calling for Americans to walk and cycle more.

"Christians should organize their lives so that it is easier and more desirable to walk, bike, car pool and use public transportation more, and use personal vehicles less.

"When they move to a new location, Christians should choose a place that makes it is easier and more desirable to walk, bike, or take public transportation.

"SUVs should be purchased only by those who truly need them, such as individuals in rural areas and those genuinely needing 4-wheel drive." [Er, like MTB teams, yes?]

"Christian business leaders should encourage their employees to use public transportation and participate in ride-share programs, avoid subsidized parking, and purchase fuel-efficient business vehicles.

"Churches, denominations, and Christian organizations should educate their members that transportation choices are moral choices.

"Christians and Christian organizations and denominations should advocate for government policies that make it easy for individuals to do the right thing when it comes to transportation. This includes: making communities pedestrian and bike friendly;

making public transportation easily accessible, readily available, and affordable…"

The Evangelical Environmental Network campaign is being promoted with $5 bumper stickers reading ‘What would Jesus drive?’ Come on, bike trade suppliers who’s going to be the first to produce a ‘What would Jesus ride?’ sticker?

And could this be a Christmas PR campaign in the making?

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