Florian Dammer and Simone Ramsauer take roles with World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry

WFSGI appoints bicycle and PR managers

The World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry has taken on Florian Dammer as Bicycle Manager and Ms. Simone Ramsauer as new PR Manager.

Stefanie Burkert, PR Manager and Assistant Secretary General, will be on sabbatical leave, starting December and will join the WFSGI again in April, 2012.

28-year-old German Florian Dammer used to compete in Youth Road Racing in the German Bundesliga and took part in World Cup. The endurance sport enthusiast studied business economics and sports management in Heidelberg/Germany and worked at KTM Fahrrad and Lowa Shoes in the marketing division in Austria. In 2010 he started to develop the sales and marketing for sportcampus.com, a platform to provide online retail trainings in Munich.

WFSGI executive board member Jeroen Snijders-Blok (COO Accell Group) says: “After our initial evaluation period with the WFSGI and the Bicycle industry it is the right time to hire Florian as our bicycle manager in order to extend the services to our bicycle Members and to further develop new programs with the UCI and other bicycle stakeholders. We are glad that we found someone like Florian who knows both the competition scene as well as the technical bicycle issues.”

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