Sustrans praises ‘modest start’ as an important step

Welsh Government guarantees cycle route cash

Following two years of campaigning by Sustrans, the Welsh Assembly Government has pledged to dedicate five per cent of its Road Maintenance Grant to the maintenance of cycleways.

The significant move marks a commitment for cyclists, placing bike rider’s needs alongside those of car drivers.

The financial pledge equates to around £10k per local authority to maintain on-road cycle routes.

Lee Waters, Sustrans Cymru Director, said; “It is a modest start but sets an important precedent. As a direct result of Sustrans’ work over the last two years, supported by other organisations in Wales, local authorities now have a financial incentive to maintain cycle paths in the same way, if not on the same scale, as they do for roads.

“Currently the commitment only extends to on-road cycle routes, now we need to see the same apply to creating and maintaining traffic-free routes.”

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