Sustrans, BT and Royal Mail push assembly to encourage people out of cars

Welsh assembly to encourage cycling?

Members of the Welsh Assembly will consider a proposal to make Wales a leader in the battle against climate change tomorrow. Evidence designed to convince the committee that a proposed Legislative Competence Order (LCO) would pave the way for Wales to become a European leader in sustainable transport and help combat soaring levels of obesity in Wales will be put forward by Sustrans and representatives from BT and the Royal Mail.

“People will only give up their cars if there are attractive alternatives in place,” Sustrans Cymru Director Lee Waters said. “The Assembly Government has a duty to provide a network of trunk roads, we want them to develop a network of paths for people to walk and cycle.”

Mr Waters added: “Over half of all car journeys are less than three miles. Most people are able to make short journeys by foot or on a bike if the right facilities are put in place.

“But even though the Assembly Government looks after main roads, there are 22 local councils responsible for walking and cycling routes so it is incredibly difficult to get a consistent approach."

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