Weldtite reveals plans to expand retail partners

BikeBiz speaks to Weldtite sales director Chris Jenkinson…

What’s new from Weldtite?
Weldtite has expanded the ranges considerably during 2010, adding new products into the Dirtwash cleaning range, TF2 Lubricants and Cyclo Tools.

How’s business?
Generally 2011 was a good year, adding three more countries to our overseas distribution. But like all people in the cycle business we were badly affected by the snow in November, curtailing sales earlier than usual. However with a good start to the New Year we remain optimistic about 2011.

What does Weldtite offer over its competitors?
Weldtite is the largest manufacturer in the UK of all the maintenance lines we produce. Unlike our competitors Weldtite is the one-stop-shop for all cycle maintenance requirements. Under our ‘We are Bike Maintenance’ slogan we offer our products under four clearly defined brands; TF2 Lubricants, Weldtite Repair, Dirtwash and Cyclo Tools.

As a forward thinking company we are continually monitoring developments in cycle maintenance and then responding to market demands by developing new products using in-house personnel and production within our factory at Barton on Humber. 2010 saw a complete reorganisation of our facility, creating space for the construction of a new research and development facility. There are always companies offering a new lubricant or cleaning product, but only Weldtite has consistently produced a complete range of maintenance products under one umbrella. 

What marketing is Weldtite currently involved in?
During the coming year we have an extensive programme of media advertising in most of the major mags. We are planning to expand our retail partners by offering a special promo on our in-store display stand during March and April. In conjunction with the offer, we’ll work with these partners to grow the brand by offering each store a number of promotional display items including banners, stickers, free samples and various sales literature. For event sponsorship we continue to sponsor the WXC mountain bike team and have formed a separate Weldtite endurance team who will compete in such events as Mountain Mayhem, Bontrager 24/12 and the UK Enduro series.

How is the cycle market measuring up to the motorcycle market currently?
Cycling is always behind the motorbike industry, as the money involved far outweighs that in the cycling market. As a result we are the poor relation. However the benefits of working in the smaller market is that it’s easier to identify your key users. As bicycles are driven by personal energy and not petrol our target audience is riding for free and not affected by the current rises in fuel.

Any final thoughts?
At Weldtite we are always striving to develop new products to complement our existing range, but unfortunately I am unable to give away all our trade secrets for the future. However behind the doors of the Barton Factory there are new products being developed for the production line in order that Weldtite can continue to lead the field.

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