Action sports clothing firm aims to tip retail balance in its favour

We Are Level plans retail growth at home and abroad

Despite being only 16 months old, clothing brand We Are Level has its sights on global expansion as well as upping its presence at UK retail.

The UK-based action sports apparel company currently supplies some exclusive retailers on these shores, but according to operations director Nathan Barrow, several deals are in the works to bring the brand to a wider audience.

Barrow told BikeBiz: “We are distributing ourselves in the UK and the rest of Europe. Meetings have been had with some rather large online retailers, with just the final details now being sorted before they come on board.”

We Are Level’s plans to increase its international presence are already underway too. Barrow confirmed: “We are working on distribution deals in the United States, Poland and Australasia and now have distribution sorted in Germany.”

The manufacturer designs, prints, sews, packs and sends its clothing lines in-house from its UK base. The firm limits runs of items to 100, updating the ranges on a continual basis.

Despite being conceived of four years ago, We Are Level came into being just last year. Barrow explained: “Our roots are deeply set in BMX. We have been in business since Jan 2009 so are a relative newbie in the marketplace.

“We will be at the NASS festival with our team riders and also with a trade stand so the lucky festival-goers can steal all our clothing.

“We attended the Simpel Sessions in Estonia with two of our team riders, both crashing hard in qualifying. Oskars didn’t quite complete a 360 spin to bars and faceplanted (there’s a nice pic of his blooded face in Ride UK) and Mark Vos broke his foot after crashing a big no-hander.”

Barrow added that the firm is open to a distributor in the UK, provided they have the same value and ethics as We Are Level.

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