Excited yet? Watch the seconds tick by at a nifty online countdown to the 92nd Tour de France, which starts on Saturday. Roadie DVD distributor and mag publisher World Cycling Productions of the US has placed the count on its website and while you're there sign up for a daily email report of the Tour from Phil Liggett, the 'voice of cycling'. BikeBiz.com asked the invitable 'who will win?' question as Liggett and Paul Sherwen waited for the ferry taking them to St Malo...

Watch Phil Liggett’s Tour de France ticker…

Phil Liggett said journos had been briefed by the German national coach, saying Jan Ullrich was "in the form of his life" but the ‘voice of cycling’ reckons Lance Armstrong will hang up his spurs in Paris in 24th July as the winner of the world’s biggest annual sporting event.

When the Tour starts, you can have Phil Liggett’s thoughts fly into your inbox by signing up for World Cycling’s daily email from the CTC president.

The World Cycling email will be different from Liggett’s daily written reports for OLN’s website and based on material supplied to the Daily Telegraph, with a few extra bits thrown in when time allows.

Eurosport’s David Duffield will be chained to a desk in a Paris studio but when he was on the road he used to wax lyrical about the gastronomic highlights of his previous evening’s meal during his Tour monologues. Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen have no time for fancy eating:

"It’s dawn to dusk every day," said Liggett.

"We grab a packet of crisps, a sandwich and a coffee and head off for the next day’s finish. We eat in the car on the autoroute."

Sign up for Phil Liggett’s email report here:


Tim O’Grady’s World Cycling Productions is billing this email as a Tour de France blog. If you want to OD on TdF blogs, visit some or all of the following:

James Raia’s Tour de France Times: http://www.byjamesraia.com/index.php?option=com_yanc&Itemid=45&listid=2&action=subscribe

AMD’s cycling microsite is good and has journals from Discovery riders such as Michael Barry: http://www.amdprocycling.com/tourdefrance.aspx

Trek insider’s Tour view: http://www2.trekbikes.com/…/Index.php

Journals and news from Lance Armstrong’s official fan website: http://www.thepaceline.com/

Sammarye Lewis, the Podium Girl Gone Bad, may be updating her blog but it’s still the 2004 version at the mo: http://podiumgirlgonebad.blogspot.com/

And for up-to-the-minute coverage, you can’t beat http://www.cyclingnews.com/

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