Sky George, that is. Sky is the Californian company's VP of Marketing and "almost fell off my chair" when OLN's Tour de France coverage of Wednesday's team time trial showed CSC's Bobby Julich sporting a 40-ounce reservoir under his jersey. The custom RaceVest was discontinued in 2001 but could be brought back into production if enough time triallists asked for it...

Want to see the return of Camelbak’s TT hump? Badger Sky.

The RaceVest allows time triallists to maintain their aero position and not cover all-important sponsorship logos.

It received UCI approval for time trial events in 1998, but has been out of production since 2001.

“It was a great product, but one with a very small market," said Sky George.

"As CamelBak grew in the recreational and military categories, the RaceVest fell off the back. I had no idea that Bobby still had his, or that he would use it in the Tour. I watch the Tour every morning. Needless to say, I almost fell off my chair when I saw Julich.”

Will the RaceVest make it back to CamelBak production?

“That would mean there were enough time trial riders to support the line,” said George.

“As a race fan, that would make me very happy.”

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