2016 growth plan includes biggest hire in the company's history

Vulpine on the hunt for new managing director

Having recently raised £1 million in crowdfunding cash, Vulpine has this week revealed it will hire a new managing director.

Double the initial £500,000 target, the Vulpine-fan investment will fund the recruitment of the new MD, while founder Nick Hussey is set to become brand director.

Nick Hussey, founder and current managing director of Vulpine, said: “This year has been one of huge success, but also has seen me personally hitting some barriers, in among the success. I’d rather be honest with myself and say that someone more experienced can grow the company better than me.”

He added: “I want do what I love and do best, and therefore become brand director. By specialising this way, I can concentrate on product development, marketing ideas and maintain the clarity of what Vulpine means to our customers and the wider cycling community. Then someone more experienced can concentrate on running the company and accelerating our growth, aided by the amazing support we’ve seen so far from investors. No longer will I be spinning too many plates, dropping some, and unable to add value in the areas that we really stand out in.”

Interviews will commence in January 2016. For more information on Vulpine and the role, click here. 

Hussey concludes: “How often does anything like this ever come up? To work with a really exciting, fast growing, friendly, innovative, much talked about new cycling brand and to lead it from the front! I hope we get some amazing applicants and we can slam the next stage of Vulpine’s story together.” 

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