TV commentator, newspaper journalist and CTC president Phil Liggett has signed our petition urging the British Medical Association to revisit its 'helmets for all cyclists' decision.

‘Voice of cycling’ signs BMA helmet petition

"I am not anti-helmet wearing, but I believe that the research is far from conclusive and the statistics wildly exaggerated by those supporting helmet compulsion," said Liggett.

"The cost and effort being made to compel people to wear helmets would be far better expended by building safer and better riding facilities for school-children and adults on our roads.

"I am far happier if the decision to wear a helmet is left to the cyclist or the parent. I have ridden for over 40 years without any head injury and many falls. I wear a helmet only in the countries where it is compulsory and {in those countries], there is clear evidence of a dramatic fall in people cycling regularly."

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