Sir Jimmy Savile takes on an action packed tour of Scotland in promotional video

VIDEO: MTBcut, MacAskill and Savile highlight Scotland as ‘outdoor capital of UK’

Sir Jimmy Saville, along with a few cigar-smoking stunt doubles, have been busy over the past few months putting together the below stroke of genius, aimed at promoting Scotland as the ‘Outdoor Capital‘ of the UK.

Visit Scotland part-funded the MTBcut film, shot this summer all over the north-west of Scotland with trials sensation Danny MacAskill and UK Downhill MTB pro Joe Barnes.

MTBcut’s Stu Thompson told BikeBiz: "A lot of the content MTBcut puts out is followed in the local area and Frazer Coupland who is project manager for the Outdoor Capital (the body responsible for tourism and marketing of the area). Coupland approached me many months ago looking to produce a few web videos.

"We pretty much just brought our contacts together to see what we could create. Jimmy Savile has a house in Glencoe and has regularly been the chieftain of the Highland Games, so was more than happy to help out. Strangely, we were not short of Stunt Doubles either keen to both put on a shiny shell suit, wig and fake cigar all in the name of promoting the area they love."

The release of the movie on YouTube is timed to coincide with the launch of the organisations new website provided by New Mind.

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