Hi-res online video also features 'bespoke' music made from playing bicycle components

Video for bike virgins decodes bike jargon

Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners has been produced for newbies to cycling. It’s available on lo-res YouTube but has been loaded to on hi-res video site Vimeo for extra clarity and sound fidelity.

The video zooms into bike parts – from SRAM, Shimano, Brooks and others – and names them, with UK and American versions. For instance, SRAM and Shimano rear mechs are noted as such but also called ‘rear derailleurs’.

Presta valves are shown in close-up, being undone and pressed, and there’s also a quick demonstration of working a quick release lever.

Bike brands featured include Giant, Kona and Islabikes.

The video was produced to "get newbies up to speed on bike talk."

Many newbies complain they are bamboozled by bike jargon, especially in speciality retailers where enthusiasts often can’t tame down their enthusiasm to talk to customers in non-jargon terms.

Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners is also attracting interest because it features bike sound recordings made into ‘bespoke’ music by composer Greg Johnson. This soundtrack is also available as a free mobile phone ringtone.

The video is also available in an even higher res version for Apple TV on iTunes.

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