Firm looking to grow UK dealer network

Velotech seeks new dealers

Velotech is looking for grow its dealer network, but it won’t be targeting major internet retailers to join its growing dealership.

The firm told BikeBiz that it has listened to IBD concerns that strong customer offerings from large websites can erode margins for smaller bicycle dealers, and has pledged to avoid stocking them to protect its dealers.

Velotech MD Robin Corder said: “Our stockists can be quite confident that they can ask the full retail price of all of our products without being undercut by a website.

“We feel that IBDs appreciate this and is one of the reasons why we have continued to expand during recent difficult times,” Corder added.

The distributor is looking for new dealers to stock two of its major brands – ROTOR and SPIUK.

Velotech has been distributing ROTOR product since 2003, which now includes standard lightweight cranks, stems, seatposts and TDF winning Qrings.

The SPIUK label features technical eyewear, shoes, helmets and winter clothing for cycling and also for the Triathlon market.

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