The National Bicycle Dealers Association of America (NBDA) has a members-based 'retail data capture' program compiled by industry analysts Jay Townley & Associates. In the October digest - available as a PDF below - the stats show that sales of MTB hard-tails are still slowing and that average retail price trends are more negative than positive, with three out of the top six revenue producing bicycle product categories showing on-going negative average retail unit prices. However, P&A sales remain strong.

US trade org posts October sales stats

The NBDA’s retail data capture program collects monthly bicycle sales information from a panel of 300+ IBDs, and then compiles the totals and creates a number of detailed reports.

Some of this information – in digest form – makes it into ‘Leading Edge’ from the NBDA.

This contains tons of US economy trends as well as trends pertaining specifically to the US bicycle trade (and when the US sneezes the UK catches a cold…)

The 18-page report can be downloaded from:…/RDC-Analysis-October-02.pdf

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