No, no mentions of FMD...but for after the crisis this manual is packed with tons of tips for increasing footfall

US trade body produces how-to manual on how to attract new customers

We’ve received a press release from The Bicycle Council of America (mission: ‘promote the activity of bicycling to consumers’) concerning their how-to book on attracting more customerss through publicity, community relations and integrated marketing programs.

"Getting Them In The Door – How To Easily Attract New Customers

Through Powerful Grass-Roots Marketing and Public Relations" is based

on four years of professional marketing campaigns the Bicycle Council conducted for

US IBD groups.

The manual contains information specifically drawn from the "Atlanta

Template" program, which the Council conducted in 1999 and 2000 with the

North Georgia Bicycle Dealers Association (NGBDA). These GET BACK ON

A BIKE! campaigns resulted in increased foot traffic in stores; most

participating retailers reported significant sales increases, from 10

to 49 percent, contrasted with the same months in previous years when

the programme did not exist.

"We’re urging bicycle retailers to organize like the NGBDA did, and

then to create programs that bring new customers into their bike

shops," says Fred Clements, executive director of the National

Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA), which co-sponsored the Atlanta

Template and the manual’s production with Shimano.

"`Getting Them In The Door’ uses the power of tested promotional approaches that can give bicycle retailers the tools they need to grow their markets."

"We learned a lot from our campaigns in Atlanta; now other retailer groups can benefit from this experience rather than starting from scratch," says TBC President Harry Manko.

"The manual’s ready-to-implement program allows retailer groups to get their own

campaign up and running in no time."

"Getting Them In The Door" stresses the benefits of creating retailer

groups or associations, so an alliance can be formed to expand the

local customer base."

"Getting Them In The Door" contains chapters on generating free media

coverage through publicity, building a strong local presence through

community relations, and increasing exposure through various types of

media with an integrated marketing approach. A final chapter

demonstrates how bicycle retailers can map their own campaign, and

includes a marketing planning calendar so they can plan their efforts

in advance.

In addition to the chapters’ step-by-step instructions, the handbook

also contains a CD-ROM with the logos, graphics, usable photos, media

pitch templates, press release templates, and authored articles used

by the NGBDA. This information is available in a cut-and-paste

format that is adaptable to any local bicycle retailer association.

BikeBiz will ask for a copy.

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