John Kerry, the Democrat challenger for the US presidency, likes his bicycle, as reported before on So, his latest spill won't dent his enthusiasm for cycling. Kerry has previously injured his shoulder in a fall from one of his many bicycles. His current favoured mount? A Serotta Ottrott...

US president-in-waiting falls from bike

According to the Associated Press, Kerry fell from his bike on Sunday afternoon but was not injured.

He was riding with Secret Service agents through Concord, north of Boston, when he failed to successfully negotiate a strip of sand.

"He’s fine. They took the bike into [a] bike shop and he went home," said Democrat campaign spokesman Michael Meehan.

"Kerry, 60, rides his bicycle as often as he can and sometimes brings it with him on the campaign plane," said the report from AP.

According to the Associated Press reporter who saw Kerry fall, "Secret Service agents and local police immediately stopped traffic while Kerry and a handful of bicycling companions moved to the shoulder."

An Ottrott costs $5000 for the frame alone. That a bicycle can cost this much caused a ‘Class War Alert’ piece on

"We’re shocked. You mean a guy with five homes doesn’t ride a Schwinn? Still, we had no idea how expensive…

Am I being petty? Sure, but c’mon, a man of the people dropping $3000 on a bike? Man of the people my ass."

Normally, ‘Man falls from bicycle; is uninjured’ is not the most gripping of stories to grab the world’s media but for the bicycle industry it would be clearly advantageous to have the globe’s most powerful individual oft seen sat astride a bicycle.

President Bush has been pictured on a bicycle – and falling from a Segway – but he’s known more as a jogger. Vote Kerry!

For the main Kerry-loves-his-bicycle story, see the link below.

For a pic of John Kerry on his Ottrott see…/capt.srs10105021700.kerry_srs101.jpg Another pic here…/class_war_alert_014496.php

And, in your mind’s eye, picture this scene, as created by Kevan, a poster to the bulletin board: "I have this political cartoon in my head…of Cheney behind the wheel of the President’s limo, the little flags flapping; he’s driving fast and well ahead of Kerry’s security peloton. And stuck far out the open back window is Bush throwing tacks and other debris on the roadway behind them."

In other news...

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