Pacific Cycle's US relaunch of the Schwinn Stingray (apparently, it took a year to redesign, the Raleigh Chopper took 9 months...) will be in April. News on this was carried on in January. US newspapers are now carrying the news of the relaunch. Will the relaunch reach the same levels of excitement as the Chopper relaunch in the UK?

US newspapers pick up on Stingray relaunch

Here are the first three newspapers to carry the relaunch news:…/20040304-031519-4766r.htm…/4644328.html…/69379.php

And here’s the press release that kicked off the coverage:

Madison, WI: Schwinn, one of America’s favorite brands, is proud to announce the launch of the all-new “Sting-Ray” bicycle, hitting stores in April 2004.

Schwinn is introducing this very modern version of the classic Sting-Ray because, like their parents did in the 1960s and ‘70s, today’s kids want a cool-looking bike that stands out; a bike they can “trick out” to make their own. With the new Sting-Ray, Schwinn brings something different to the bike market for 7- to 12-year-olds, which is comprised of BMX, mountain and traditional sidewalk bikes. “The Sting-Ray is an American icon – a legendary bicycle,” said Greg Blake, Schwinn’s director of New Category Development. “People kept asking us to bring it back, so we did – with an attitude! From the Wishbone Kickstand to the Mud Stud Fender, every part on the new Sting-Ray was customized to keep kids cruisin’ in style.” The bike’s design pays homage to the original Sting-Ray, but this very modern interpretation reflects the public’s interest in customized motorcycles. With its raked-out fork, knees-to-the-breeze seat position and enough bad-boy character to raise eyebrows, this is no ordinary bike. Add to that the Sting-Ray’s partnership with America’s premier chop shop, Orange County Choppers, and you’ve got the coolest bike around. “The Sting-Ray is perfect for the kid who wants a bike that offers the riding experience of a chopper and that is customizable,” explained Joe Werwie, Schwinn’s director of Product Development. “Every kid can make his Sting-Ray his own with cool accessories coming soon like custom wheels, high-back sissy bars, over-sized chain guards and more.” The original Sting-Ray, widely considered the most popular bicycle of all time, was first introduced in 1963 during the muscle car craze and remained on the market until 1982. More than 1 million bikes were sold in 1968 alone. Whether it was California, Wisconsin or New York, there were teenagers on every corner tricking out their banana seat Sting-Rays with headlights, mirrors, wheelie bars and other accessories to make each bike unique. Any kid not lucky enough to have a Sting-Ray certainly dreamed of owning one. The new Sting-Ray is a bike that offers something for everyone. Parents love it because of its nostalgic appeal. Adults who owned Sting-Rays have great memories of riding around their neighborhood and hanging out with friends on their bikes. Kids love it because it looks cool, it’s fun to ride and it’s customizable. It’s a new bike for a new generation. The new Sting-Ray is perfect for 7- to 12-year-old boys who want a cool set of wheels they can cruise around on with their friends. The new Sting-Ray cruises into Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and other mass retail locations where Schwinn bicycles are sold in April 2004. Check out for more details.

Founded in 1895, Schwinn is an American icon and has built some of the best-known and best-loved bicycles of all time. A world leader in technology and fabrication, Schwinn has been an indispensable player in revolutionizing bicycling around the world. In 2001, Pacific Cycle, the nation’s largest importer and distributor of quality bicycles, purchased Schwinn. Schwinn moved into mass retail distribution in 2002, effectively making Schwinn products available where Americans shop most. With a continued dedication to quality, forever synonymous with the Schwinn name, America’s most famous bicycle brand looks forward to providing another century of innovation, freedom and performance to people of all ages.

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