The ad on page 17 of the Christmas edition of BicycleBusiness is cryptic and the advertiser won't go public in the print edition until January, but can reveal that the advert is for Padded Cell Supplies Ltd, an offshoot of Hi-Gear Ltd. Padded has been formed to distribute Odyssey BMX components in the UK.

US BMX parts company gets new UK distribution company

Mark Malone is in charge of the new company. He’s a rider ("BMXer for over 20 years and still going strong") and feels that Odyssey has improved its product offerings because of increased rider input:

"Over the last few years there have been huge changes and improvements in the US BMX component company Odyssey. This is due to the direct input and influence of BMX riders from inside the company."

But, said Malone, the current distribition route for Odyssey via a variety of UK wholesalers was no longer "viable", hence the creation of a dedicated distributor for the brand. And, in time, Padded Cell will seek to add further BMX brands.

The company begins trading on 2nd January. After Malone, the next appointment was James Hitchcox, a BMX pro rider.

"As the company grows it is my intention to employ riders in all positions," said Malone.

"A BMX rider can learn anything, but trying to teach a civilian about BMX is like trying to push a rope."

There will be clear advantages for all sides in the new deal, believes Malone.

"The end result for the rider is that Odyssey items are going to fall in price. For the shops it will mean that the getting Odyssey parts will be simpler, and for everybody it will mean that the guy on the end of the phone should have some inkling of what you are on about.

"Just like riding, this is exciting, scary and could leave me open to the chance of injury, and just like riding, it’s all worth it."

Padded Cell will be exhibiting at the National Cycle and Leisure shows in Sandown and Harrogate next year.

Tel: 020 8568 9943

PIC BELOW shows the new Odyssey 11t cassette driver which enables the use of a 30t sprocket on the front to reduce weight and give more grinding options.

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