A UK branch of the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) is to be launched at York Cycle Show, CTC’s national rally, 26-27th June. Execs from Baltimore-based IPMBA will be at the launch.

US-based police bike org to launch UK branch

IPMBA provides training and information to police and ambulance cyclists in the United States. IPMBA UK will be launched during the National Emergency Services Cycling Seminar at the CTC’s York Rally.

The seminar will be hosted by North Yorkshire Police and will include presentations on all aspects of cycle patrolling.

The UK representative of IPMBA will be Nigel Tottie, Inspector in charge of the North Yorkshire Police Cycle Unit in York.

In the soon-published BicycleBusiness magazine there’s a major feature on the PR potential of bike cops and how the bike trade can become more police-friendly.


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