The EPoS company founded by Neil Delafield in order to exploit the programming skills of co-director Frank Stirling is to be reformed, with Delafield ousted, Stirling becoming a director of the new company and IBD Dave Shaw of Birstall’s Factory Direct Bikes becoming MD

UPDATED: The Mane man leaves UK EPoS

The famous Victor Kiam quote from 1979 – “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company” – could be rejigged and used by Dave Shaw.

He was a Mane EPoS customer and liked the product, especially when Mane was collapsed in favour of UK EPoS. As a user he saw the benefits of all the extensive software development by Frank Stirling – the non-PoSit software was called Counterbalance – but was never taken with Neil Delafield’s business methods:

“I saw a lot of potential in Counterbalance. It was worth pursuing. But with UK EPoS having no funds and with a lot of aggravated customers it was clear something had to change.”

Neil Delafield has today left the company.

“It’s easy to be charismatic. Easy to make promises but you’ve got to fulfil those promises,” said Shaw.

“As a user of [the product] I think kindred spirits will get on better. Some people may not like the fact I have a shop but most will realise that I have the same vested interests as them in making [this product] work for bike shops.”

Delafield told that there had been problems with UK EPoS software.

"I jumped ship. Well, not jumped ship exactly, I tried to sell the company," said Delafield.

Current users of UK EPoS software will continue to be supported by the new company (now called UK EPoS Retail Solutions Ltd), and no new ‘support’ fees will levied until any contract signed with Delafield’s UK EPoS has run its course.

Shaw is an IBD with a background in IT. He has worked with computers since 1971, including working as a systems manager for a steel stockholding company. He founded Factory Direct Bikes in 1996.

He told that before Counterbalance goes live it will have been tested and retested. IBDs will not be guinneapigs, developing the software as major glitches are spotted.

Instead of visits from Delafield and Stirling to load software onto PCs, Shaw believes a better route for new users will be hardware pre-loaded with the UK EPoS software.


Monday, 04 February 2002

I would like to start with an apology for the lack of support and backup provided in recent months. However, I intend to explain how this scenario has and will be rectified.

You may or may not be aware that, following the collapse of my partner, Neil Delafield’s company Limited earlier last year, our co-venture UkEpos Limited absorbed many of the client base and associated debts. It has always been my intention to honour the promises made by prior to its collapse (e.g.; the provision of hardware etc…) However it has recently become abundantly clear to both my self and many members of our client base that the honouring of such promises has not been fulfilled or taken seriously by Neil.

Following my recent discovery of several of these promises which I was unaware of and comments from several members of our client base regarding this, work loads and the ability to contact support, I have investigated the possibility of moving forward with the company and it’s associated solutions without Neil. This would have been to offer a severance/buy-out package.

However on further discovery of “patches” of accountancy information being missing and other discrepancies (the business accountancy being one of Neil’s voluntary responsibilities) I have been legally advised to resign as both company secretary and director.

On Friday 1st of February 2002 I issued my official resignation from the above positions to Companies House Cardiff where UkEpos Limited is registered.

I wish Neil all the best in his new ventures in the property market and hope that the future bides him well.

On a positive slant however, I would like to explain what the future holds for Counterbalance, the increased technical support and myself.

I will be personally introducing you to my new business partner Dave Shaw. Dave has worked in the IT sector for over 25 years specialising in Corporate Computer Management and during the latter 15 years this covered stock control for several large stock holding companies. Dave also has many years experience in the retail sector which enables him to provide a higher degree of empathy to the problems you may and do encounter.

The sole intellectual property rights to Counterbalance up until now have been held by myself as the designer. However I have transferred these to our new company “UkEpos Retail Solutions Limited”.

You may remember almost a year ago a similar event happening to another EPoS company. I would like to annul such comparisons by pointing out that neither Dave or I have any intentions of employing the “gang land” tactics demonstrated during the events and change over of the said EPoS Company.

I categorically state now, on the record that all our customers will be supported to the fullest extent, in many cases going beyond the boundaries of our support agreement.

With this in mind I would also like to notify you that Dave and I are currently setting up a technical support desk and team to provide immediate solutions to any problems, which may occur. This support desk will be contactable via a “Lo Call” number, which is currently being finalised.

Furthermore, we are taking out essential persons insurance on myself so should the worst happen and I am unable to provide the development knowledge and skill-sets required, the company is able to immediately draft in the expertise needed without any disruption to service. However I do not intend for anything to happen which would require this provision!

Whilst in the past the companies image may have seemed some what relaxed if not bohemian, I would like to assure you that both Dave and I have the intention to provide a more professional service to all our customers both old, new and potential.

Regarding the promises discussed at the beginning of this letter, if there are any outstanding issues which you have been in contact with us about, please could you let me know on the numbers above as soon as possible as it is my intention to have resolved all of these issues by the end of this week. We have already provided hardware instantly which has been outstanding for several months for various clients and I would like to assure you that you will be dealt with in exactly the same way.

Dave and I are intent on moving this company forward as far as possible and as quickly as possible. However, this will not occur at the detriment of service, support or quality. We are implementing many new quality control and assurance procedures to avoid the pit falls, which have been experienced in recent times and honestly believe that we can provide cutting edge technology with the backup required.

Customers of Limited who are currently running PosIt software that are waiting on conversion to Counterbalance will be contacted very shortly to discuss this conversion. In the past month we have performed several conversions, all faultlessly and can offer references to this end. Should you wish to contact said references prior this conversion, please do not hesitate to contact me as they can provide descriptions of the quality of both the software and the support, which I have and will be continuing to provide.

Finally, should you wish to terminate your agreement with us regarding support, please do not hesitate to contact either Dave or myself at anytime and this will be effective forthwith.

We will be contacting all our customers in the next week to provide a more personalised explanation of what is happening and where we are going and also to consolidate any outstanding balances.

I look forward to continued and prosperous business relations in the future.

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