Epicentre 80 miles off Japan coast. Tsunami sweeps in.

Updated: 8.9 earthquake slams Japan, Taiwan escapes damage

An earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter Scale has today hit Japan resulting in a Tsunami. The wave which was anticipated to strike Taiwan’s coast, has not materialised, according to the latest reports.

Japanese broadcasters are currently tracking a giant wave, which is sweeping inland at a ferocious rate. Low lying Japan is particularly vulnerable as there’s very little on the landscape to halt the wave’s progress.

In the past hour (10am) the Tsunami has reached Taiwan’s eastern coastline, though the resulting wave has not caused any significant damage.

Bicycle businesses such as Shimano, Specialized, Schwinn and Univega are among those with offices in Japan.

Tim Jackson, marketing brain for firms such as Fuji, Breezer and SE Racing is currently in Taiwan and has told BikeBiz reporters "Taiwan, for now, is all ok."

The quake, which is the biggest to hit Japan for 140 years, has been followed with numerous aftershocks measuring around 7 on the scale.

BBC news has live coverage.

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