Shimano says Ultegra sales will be huge and that's why no fixed delivery date has yet been set. This clarification from Frank Peiffer, Shimano Europa's commercial director, is in response to last week's article 'MY2005: A year for the brave.'

ULTEGRA: For ‘on hold’, read ‘hiatus’

"Readers who don’t know the issue might have the impression we’re not accepting any orders," said Peiffer.

The link to ‘MY2005: A year for the brave is below.

"’On hold’ does not mean that we don’t accept orders, but it means we are not giving a fixed delivery date in the moment. All booked orders are collected and will, of course, be confirmed.

"That is supposed to happen after mid-April. The point is that [Ultegra is] a new group in a strong market segment, so we expect a huge order income compared to normal sales and we have to set and allocate our production capacities very carefully."*

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