But only slightly – and the UK is still the second biggest bike market in Europe

UK bike sales slip in 2011

Bicycle sales in the UK fell slightly in terms of units and value in 2011, according to the latest COLIBI and COLIPED annual report on the European bicycle market.

2011 saw bicycle unit sales fall slightly to 3,580,000 from 3,640,000 in 2010, however 2010’s figure was well up on 2009’s 3,400,000 and 2008’s 3,311,000.

Long term, unit sales are significantly higher than ten years ago – around 55 per cent higher than a decade ago – (2002: 2,300,000) but down on 2004’s high of 3,905,000.

Despite the dip, the UK still has the second highest number of unit sales of bicycles in Europe, behind only Germany (4,050,000 units). Third in the table is France with 3,200,000 units and Italy with 1,750,000.

In terms of value, 2011 also saw a slight dip in sales, falling to 1.6 per cent on 2010. However, 2010’s value sales figure had risen a whopping 39 per cent from 2009.

The figures in the report also noted that UK bicycle production almost doubled last year.

COLIBI is the Association of the European Bicycle Industry. COLIPED is the Association of the European Two-Wheeler Parts and Accessories Industry.

The figures have come from COLIBI and COLIPED’s annual joint BIMP report – the European Bicycle Industry & Market Profile. The figures are based on those provided by members of those two organisations, as well as data from non-member countries. The Bicycle Association of Great Britain is one of those members.

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