Sustrans survey points to desire to improve life for cyclists from most MPs

Two Thirds of MPs want average of £26 per head spent on cycling

Around two thirds of MPs want a greater sum of money spent on cycling infrastructure, according to a survey by Sustrans.

The sustainable transport charity questioned 93 MPs and found that, on average, they wanted £26 per person to be spent on cycling infrastructure each year, substantially more than the £10 a head goal at present. 

The majority of Brits echo the feelings of those MPs in approval, with the seven city Bike Life survey revealing that the 11,000 people questioned also wanted on average £26 per person to be spent on cycling annually

In contrast, the total transport spend is around £300 per person annually. The HS2 rail project has this week seen its projected costs (London to Birmingham leg only) spiral to £30 billion. The entire project may cost as much as £80 billion, (£1,250 a head) dwarfing annual spend on cycling nationwide by an enormous margin. 

Sustrans research shows that the current level of investment in England, outside London, is just £4, and after April next year we will see this already low level drop below £1 per person. It is then that the Goverment is expected to pull the plug on funding for sustainable travel.

Sustrans commented: "As we head towards this funding cliff for walking and cycling in England we are urging the public to write to their MP and demand long-term and sizeable funding via our website at"

Claire Francis, Campaigns Manager at Sustrans, said: “Last month we polled the general public and they displayed an overwhelming desire to cycle more, but complained that a lack of safe places to ride is off-putting. Now we have MPs telling the same story; they want far greater investment. 

“Physical inactivity, congestion and declining air quality cost our economy billions. The UK Government must act to secure a greater share of current transport investment for cycling and walking in England. 

“The Spending Review in November is the perfect opportunity to do just that. The UK Government must ensure the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy is ambitious and guarantees long-term funding for active travel.”

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