Tap into the huge Bikebiz online community by contacting Carly Bailey and taking up our New Year 'buy one, get one free' job promotion.Plus, November stats released today show BikeBiz web traffic at record levels...

Two-for-one job ad offer as BikeBiz traffic soars

Anyone who contacts Carly during January to book recruitment space will be offered a free ad for every one they take.

And now is the perfect time to us Bikebiz.com, with online traffic booming.

"We achieved nearly 650,000 page views during November, which just goes to show that the website is flying just like the monthly print edition," commented Bikebiz publisher and Intent Media managing director Stuart Dinsey.

"Since relaunch a year ago, Bikebiz has become an essential business resource for everyone in the UK and international cycling industry. And we are the only solution for specialist recruitment – from bike retail to marketing, services and manufacturing."

You can contact Carly directly to solve your job solutions on 01992 535646 or email

BikeBiz website statistics for November 2006…

Page Views 641,115
Sessions Served 155,220
Unique Visitors 32,859
Repeat Visitors 9,176
Session Average Pages 4.13
Session Average Length 2 Minutes 45 Seconds

Statistic Definitions

Page Views: Total pages viewed by visitors to the site in November.

Sessions Served: Number of times a visit has been made to the site.
A sessions starts when someone arrives at the site and ends
when they leave it. It does not relate to whether or not they are unique.
A session is recorded whether it is a user’s first visit to the site or a repeat visit.

Unique Visitors: This is the number of individual visitors for the
month, it records unique users against their IP address. Therefore, if
the same IP address visits the site twice it only records it the once.

Repeat Visitors: This is the number of people who have made
multiple visits to the site that month. They must have made a minimum of
two visits to the site to be recorded.

Session Average Pages: This is the average number of pages a visitor will view in a session.

Session Average Length: This is the average amount of time a visitor will spend on the site in a session.

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