A new Channel 4 science-for-the-masses programme called 'Men in White' is seeking problems to solve. The assistant producer of the new programme wants to hear from cyclists who want to cycle to work via Britain's canal network. Forget towpaths, Tiger Aspect Television will get the boffins to design a bike that can pedal in water. There are already commercial products that can equip a standard bicycle to do this but to make one from scratch could be interesting...

TV production company seeks cyclists who want to ride on water

‘Men in White’ involves members of the public writing in with problems that the three presenters then solve using science, engineering and technology.

"Because this is the first series and viewers have yet to hear about the show, we are actively searching for people to write in with their problems. These may be either problems that we have thought of, and think would be fun and useful, or original ones," said Tiger Aspect’s Kate Harding.

The show will be broadcast in the ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ slot on Sunday evenings.

"We would like to find someone who lives near a lake or canal who would appreciate having their journey to work or to a recreational activity decreased through being able to cycle on water," said Harding.

"We are also looking for someone who may have had their bike stolen on one or more occasion and would like to get their own back on the bike thieves."


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