A study in the December issue of Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, reveals that one out of every five TV commercials broadcast during major sporting events shows "unsafe or violent behavior that might be inappropriate for children." In among examples of people being shot or physically assaulted, the researchers found a truly chilling advert: it features "a child riding a bicycle without a helmet."

TV ads in US show killings and, shock-horror, cycle kids without lids

The report, "Unsafe and Violent Behavior in Commercials Aired During Televised Major Sporting Events", was authored by Dr. Robert Tamburro, an associate professor of paediatrics at Penn State’s Milton Hershey School of Medicine.

"Our findings suggest that children’s exposure to televised sports should be limited and supervised directly by parents," said Tamburro.

He and colleagues monitored 1185 commercials aired during the 50 most-viewed sporting events in the US.

As well as pure violence, the researchers were looking for portrayals of "any action that could have harmful consequences or that contravened the injury-prevention recommendations of national organizations.

66 ads depicted violence, 165 displayed "unsafe behavior."

The report points out that one ad – "shown three times" during a golf broadcast – pictured "a child riding a bicycle without a helmet."

Tamburro said the study "might heighten awareness by parents that sporting-event broadcasts have commercials that they may or may not want their children to see."

American Academy of Pediatrics:


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