BikeBiz talks to Upgrade's Rory Hitchens about the progress of Praxis and Turn

Turn OEM business on the up, says Praxis

Upgrade’s signing of the Praxis label solved several niggling problems for the independent dealer a few years back. Sister brand Turn, a specialist in cranks, will serve much the same purpose, explains Upgrade’s Rory hitchens…

So Praxis is a pretty special brand that most will now be aware of, but for those who aren’t, how can they make a dealer’s life a lot easier?

Praxis fill the gap between Shimano and all other chain rings with an affordable, credible alternative.
Praxis rings also makes a perfect upgrade to any other chainset that uses the typical stamped and post machined alloy method of production.

These common rings are fine when new, but quickly wear and shifting quality is lost. 

And Shimano aside, they’re the only ones cold forging cycling goods – what are the benefits to the rider?

Shimano’s chain rings have always been a cut above, but Praxis now offers same quality shifting from the only other cold forged rings on the market, but a replacement price far better than Shimano.
Praxis’ forging process adds incredible detail into every tooth profile, each carefully optimised for each ring set combination, making their shifting quality and speed a cut above.
Each ring combination requires a different set of “rules” to get the best shifting and its very technical to optimise that. Praxis’ chief engineer David Earl is a genius at this kind of thing.
Making a new forging tool for every outer ring needed to complete a range is very expensive, ($70k+ per tool) which is why others have not achieved Shimano quality until now. 

What BCDs are available and for what uses?

For road 110 or 130 BCD and for mountain bikes 104/64 Duo 

Sister brand Turn also has some unique answers to mountain bike and road cranks – why choose these over say Shimano?

The 30mm axle. Shimano sticks with 24mm steel axle. By using a 30mm alloy axle the Turn crank has achieved greater stiffness and higher performance. Coupled with the hollow forged technique for the crank arms, the weight is reduced and yet stiffness in high, much like Shimano.
Praxis BBs are used for the Turn cranks and the hugely respected BB30/PF30 converter system is now available in the 30mm axle size, called “M30”.
There is also a BSA threaded M30 bottom bracket and OSBB for Specialized bikes. They are working on a PF86 solution too.
The road crank is the Zayante M30 (think Shimano Ultegra level) and for mountain bikers, there’s the Girder M30 (think Shimano XT level). 

What Turn stock is currently available and what’s on the way?

As always our stocks are listed on the Upgrade web site. Turn cranks and Praxis parts come from them in USA, so delivery dates can be short as soon as availability is confirmed from Praxis. Calling the office is always a good idea for latest info. 

Praxis as an OEM business is expanding nicely – where will we see the brand’s goods in 2015?

Praxis rings might be found on a few niche bike brands with specific needs like Factor, but we are not aware of any big chain ring deals as yet.
Turn cranks however are specced on seven models of Specialized road bikes already and that shows confidence to the consumer and dealer that these are highly approved products.
I am sure other OEs will follow and any UK interest can be directed to Praxis via Upgrade Bikes Ltd.

Any fresh innovations on the way going into 2016? 

They are not likely to tell as that just yet, but come to Core Bike and have a beer with Praxis head honcho Adam Haverstock, and we might learn more.
I suspect getting the Turn range complete and flowing on stock will be the main aim. It’s taken a lot to get this far for a young company.

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