And equally true to form, there are claims some cycle websites organised an "orchestrated campaign", urging folks to 'vote bike'. Surely not? Nevertheless, there's a good headline for cycling in The Times: "So is it the computer? Electricity? No, pedal power makes the bicycle our favourite invention... Britain is a nation built on two wheels: Times readers have pushed aside the claims of electricity and vaccination to choose the bicycle as the country’s greatest invention of the past 250 years."

True to form, bicycle wins ‘best invention’ poll

But The Times reports there may have been "vote-rigging by well-marshalled cyclists."

You couldn’t hope to find more online-bsed communities than doctors and computer geeks, but they didn’t turn out en masse to vote for ‘their’ inventions. Cyclists did.

In The Times, Singletrack’s Chipps Chippendale explained it thus:

"“There is a huge community that loves the bike, and I think it’s a mark of the invention’s greatness that it inspires such affection and loyalty. How many fan websites are there devoted to electricity or the light bulb?”

Dr Lindsay Sharp of the National Museum of Science & Industry wouldn’t have voted for the bicycle but agreed "“there is something to be said for an invention that generates such passionate positive feeling. The bicycle is a very pure invention, the basic design has remained largely the same for more than a century, it is environmentally friendly, and it changed the face of mass transport.”…/0,,18069-1376728,00.html

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