And, naturally, a large chunk of it will be devoted to cycling. The organisers of the Sandown Park event are marketing the bike element as Cycling 2003, a show-within-a-show.

Triathlon show to debut in February

Triathlon, Cycling and Running 2003 will be staged at Sandown Park in Surrey over the weekend of 8-9th February.

The organising company is M2 Events Ltd, run by triathlete David Townsend and James Napier (for Townsend and Napier mugshots and exhibition experience see the show’s website, )

Townsend, the exhibition director, told that he expects 60-70 exhibitors at the show and is hoping for 5000+ visitors.

Retailers will be allowed to sell from their stands.

"Triathlon is such a relatively young sport that the line between many suppliers and retailers is blurred. Many companies do both so it wouldn’t make sense to have hard and fast rules about what they can and cannot do at the show," said Townsend.

Triathlon, Cycling and Running 2003 will also feature seminar programmes, workshops and competitions. British Cycling is said to be a supporter of the show.

"Although many of the visitors will be active triathletes, performance cyclists and runners, our main aim is to attract those men and women that enjoy keeping fit and are looking for a new challenge," said Townsend.


Tel: 01932 880830.

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