Event registration on the rise, with 2013 participation up 16 per cent YOY

Triathlon Industry Association says multi-sport community growing fast

The Triathlon Industry Association has reported double digit growth for registration to Triathlon events.

The interim research results of the TIA’s Annual Triathlete Survey have shown a significant increase in all types of race start – Sprint, Olympic, Middle and Long distance – across 2013 compared with 2012, with the average number of events entered rising to 1.8, compared to 1.6 in 2012.

This uplift is reflected by the British Triathlon Federation, the sport’s national governing body’s early indications, which estimate a 16% uplift in 2013 participation to 110,000 active triathletes.

The sport continues to welcome significant new blood, with the study finding that 48% of respondents had started their triathlon journey within the last three years. In terms of athletes’ origins before triathlon, some 56% were runners before they came to the sport, 19% were swimmers and 22% were road cyclists.

Almost half of those surveyed (49%) train and race throughout 10-12 months of the year, with 85% training for over five hours per week throughout the winter months. Even those who hadn’t raced a triathlon in 2013 remain committed, with 88% considering a race entry within the next twelve months.

Over two thirds of those questioned expect their discretionary triathlon spend to be the same or increase over the next year, with bikes the most expensive outlay. Respondents had spent an average of £1550 on their latest bike and expected to spend £2000 on their next upgrade.

The TIA’s Annual Triathlete Survey, first undertaken in 2012 is conducted over a two month period. The study comprised 4,100 survey responses to questions on all aspects of a triathlete’s lifestyle.

Gary Roethenbaugh, managing director of MultiSport Research, the author of the report for the TIA commented on the findings: “This is the second year we have undertaken this study on behalf of all the sport’s commercial stakeholders, and the results are very encouraging. The triathlon industry is determined to understand ever deeper the behaviour, needs and wants of both the sport’s existing fans and its newcomers to inform what is done collectively and individually to feed their passion.”

A complete copy of the data study is available to TIA members. For new membership enquiries, visit:

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