CTC, LCC, RoadPeace and other club together to ask TfL to remove poorly thought out stickers

Transport for London agrees removal of Cyclists Stay Back stickers

A Wednesday meeting between Transport for London, the CTC, LCC, RoadPeace and other cycle campaign groups has resulted in the promise to have ‘Cyclists Stay Back’ stickers removed from circulation.

Transport for London met with the cycling organisations, where it was explained that the derogatory signs send out a message that cyclists are second class road users and could even be interperreted that a cyclist would be at fault in a collission should they not abide by the signage.

The stickers have also been appearing on smaller vehciles and even cars who do not have the same field of view issues as some lorry drivers. To date both the Freight Transport Association and The Road Haulage Association have expressed their confusion over the messages displayed.

TfL have now promised to:

  1. Ask the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) members to remove stickers from small vehicles
  2. Replace stickers on buses with a new agreed message
  3. Write to other fleet owners requesting they remove stickers
  4. Agree new wording for stickers on large lorries
  5. Issue guidance with the new stickers on their use
  6. Create a TfL web page with advice about the stickers

Meanwhile, Road.cc has created, sold out and since had to re-order a second batch of parody style Cyclists, stay awesome stickers.

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