The Bob Chicken Westminister Circuit Race was the precursor to the main event and was started by the industry stalwart, Bob Chicken Snr, former owner of RJ Chicken & Sons, the UK importer of Time and Adidas.

Tour of Britain: industry statesman honoured in London

Bob Chicken was also on the stage at the end and was happy to be sprayed with champagne by stage winner Mark Cavendish of Team Persil, British Cycling’s under-23 development squad.

Other riders in the (very fast) crit included team officials Sean Yates (CSC) and Brian Holm (T-Mobile).


1. Mark Cavendish Team Persil

2. Dean Downing X Power

3. James Taylor City of Edinburgh

4. Frank Van Heysel Navigators

5. Warrick Spence London Dynamo/

6. Simon Cope Team Edwardes

7. Ross Muir Velo Eccosse

8. Gary Flint InGear RT

9. Ian Holt Prestige VC

10. Bryan Taylor VC Londres

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