was the first source with news of the Tour's resurrection; first with the Tour logo; first with graphics of the jerseys; first with a junction-by-junction plan of the Tour; first with the official poster; first with the top team news; first with sponsor information. Noticed any pattern yet? Now, here's an index to the Tour of Britain articles carried to date, with many more to come.

Tour of Britain Cycle Stage Race: The Index

In Google, is the fourth entry when you type in ‘Tour of Britain’ but it’s the first one when you strip out the tourism and history entries.

This site has carried 18 articles on the Tour to date. Here they are.

Tuesday 17th August: How to fondle the Tour of Britain…/article.php?id=4525

Buy one of the winner’s jerseys. They are made by Nike and are now filtering out to bike shops.

Tuesday 17th August: Minute-by-minute plan for Tour of Britain stages…/article.php?id=4523 has been supplied with the Excel spreadsheets that show four of the five stage routes in minute detail. The London stage needs no such traffic light by traffic light plan.

Monday 16th August: Azevedo, Noval and Rubiera to ride Tour of Britain…/article.php?id=4518

Three of the riders that helped Lance Armstrong to his record-breaking sixth win in the Tour de France this year will be part of the US Postal team that competes in the Tour of Britain stage road race, starting 1st September.

Tuesday 10th August: A CALL TO ARMS: help to distribute Tour of Britain posters…/article.php?id=4488

Click within for A3 PDFs of the official Tour of Britain posters. Print out a bundle and ask retailers, libraries and other likely venues to display the posters. Why? You’ll feel the warmth of philanthropic joy, you’ll also be helping to get recognition – and big crowds – for the Tour of Britain cycle race. But you could also land a couple of VIP passes for the stage of your choice…

Monday 9th August: Industry elder statesman honoured with Grand Prix on London’s crit course…/article.php?id=4481

There’s to be a pre-stage criterium for elite riders on the same Westminster course as the pros riding the final day of the Tour of Britain. As a nod towards his 55-year involvement in the bicycle trade, the crit has been named the Bob Chicken Grand Prix.

Friday 6th August 2004: Tour of Britain finale is good for London’s Olympic bid, say Coe and Ken…/article.php?id=4472

London 2012 chief Sebastian Coe and London mayor Ken Livingstone have added their support for the Tour of Britain, which ends in a Westminster crit on September 5th. It’s also been revealed that the Tour winners will share a £60k prize fund. The highest profile competitor could be T-Mobile’s Andreas Klöden, second in this year’s Tour de France.

Thursday 29th July: Tour of Britain gets an Etape…/article.php?id=4427

British Cycling is organising mass participation rides on Bank Holiday Monday 30th August to tie in with the start of the five-day Tour of Britain. There’s to be a 110km ride for keen amateurs, a shorter ride for those who want to avoid the steady climb up Holme Moss and a 5kms family ride on a traffic-free circuit in Manchester.

Tuesday 27th July: Tour of Britain website updated with sprint and stage finish info…/article.php?id=4416

But not all of the newly interactive site is packed with info. Folks interested in the East Midlands stage get a minute by minute schedule, the other stages – including the crit in Westminster – are left blank. Ooh, the anticipation…

Friday 23rd July: T-Mobile joins US Postal team at Tour of Britain…/article.php?id=4394

It’s unlikely in the extreme that Ullrich or Armstrong will be racing in the south of England , 1st-5th September, but their team-mates – many of them currently racing in the Tour de France – will be…

Thursday 8th July: US Postal signs for Tour of Britain…/article.php?id=4340

It’s not known whether the Texan team leader will be there but other big names from Lance Armstrong’s team will be.

Sunday 4th July: Yates’ team to ride Tour of Britain…/article.php?id=4326

CSC, a division one team based in Denmark with Cervelo-equipped riders getting plenty of telly exposure in the Tour de France, is the latest top flight team to sign for the Tour of Britain, 1st-5th September.

Friday 11th June: Major sponsors sniff out deals with Tour of Britain…/article.php?id=4234

Details on the first signed-up teams for September’s Tour of Britain have been released. Event director Tony Doyle is said to be "delighted" with the quality of the entries and the interest shown from would-be sponsors.

Tuesday 8th June: Nike to produce Tour of Britain jerseys…/article.php?id=4219

In a deal negotiated by event director Tony Doyle, the winner’s jerseys for September’s Tour of Britain will be produced by Nike. All but one of the four jerseys take their colour leads from the Tour de France but the designs are fresher and more appealing, especially the polka-dot jersey…

Wednesday 2nd June: With only 12 weeks to go, ToB organisers will work hard to make event happen…/article.php?id=4193

The Tour of Britain’s website is just a holding page, there’s only one confirmed stage finishing point and there are no big bucks sponsors, but stage a successful Tour in September and the Tour of Britain could be a different kettle of coconuts in 2005. High-profile trustees for the not-for-profit owner of the Tour are being sweet-talked right now…

Wednesday 2nd June: Tony Doyle wants industry support for Tour of Britain…/article.php?id=4189

Yesterday, ran a news item about the first details of the Tour of Britain to be revealed since the event was mooted last year. Today, mainstream newspapers are running the story and event director Tony Doyle told The Telegraph that the event has "massive potential" and should be supported by "manufacturers" so that cycling gets a "Tim Henman", able to take on the best in the Tour de France.

Tuesday 1st June: Tour of Britain is confirmed at last…/article.php?id=4187

It’s taken weeks and weeks for the various stakeholders to cross the t’s and dot the i’s but, finally, here’s the first confirmation that the Tour of Britain will take to the roads this September. And it’ll be broadcast by the beeb, too…

Thursday 21st August 2003: Tour of Britain to be resurrected for 2004 TRADE ONLY…/article.php?id=3107 can reveal that a new Tour of Britain has been successfully registered with the UCI and will be staged 1st-5th September 2004

Friday 12th July 2002: MPs cheer a suggestion for a new Tour of Britain TRADE ONLY…/article.php?id=2239

In parliament yesterday, Jane Griffiths, MP for Reading East and chair of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, praised the Tour de France and suggested that a Tour of Britain could regenerate rural areas still reeling from the effects of foot-and-mouth. This was met by cross party cheers

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