Hypocritical MPs, glow in the dark cycle paths, 80 year-old bike shop closes...and bike-vandalising squirrels

Top stories of the month, October 2013

Labour MP who called cyclists ‘law-breakers’ busted for running a red
Kate Hoey MP provided ample proof that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, especially if they are influential MPs who should be looking after their constituents, rather than cheaply lambasting sections of them in newspaper columns.

UV-powered luminous ‘Starpath’ to light up future cycle paths? UV powered luminous starpath
Glow in the dark cycle paths sound like science-fiction, but the technology is actually being trialled over in cycle hotbed Cambridge. Time to campaign to your local council to take a look too?

Holdsworth Cycles to shut after after 86 years
Putney bike shop Holdsworth Cycles (WF Holdsworth) has now shut its doors for the last time. Founded in 1927, the family business was based on Lower Richmond Road.

Marin and ATB split after 25 years
What was probably the longest running distribution deal in the UK cycle business formerly ended in October, with Paligap taking up distribution duties.

‘Bike shop’ fraudsters targeting cycle distributors again
Last month we heard of more scammers attempting to steal bikes from distributors by posing as bike shops. Happily we had no reports of the attempts being successful.

L’Eroica comes to Peak District in 2014
At the start of the month it was revealed that the first staging of L-Eroica Britannia – the "most handsome bike race in the world", staged annually in Tuscany – will take place in the Peak District, 22nd June 2014.

US inventor creates airship-shaped bicycle fairing
The ‘Land Zeppelin’ fairing has been cooked up by US inventor James Gorman of Greensburg, Indiana.

‘World’s smallest’ anti-bike theft GPS tracker launches
The makers of the Locca are after crowd sourced funds to move this tracker – touted as the world’s most sophisticated GPS tracker – into production.

World’s meanest squirrel vandalises bicycle
Leaving your bike chained up can be fraught with worry. Have you used enough locks to prevent it being nicked? Will some fool scratch your paintwork? But have you considered those errant squirrels who are out to vandalise bikes? News to you? Head over to this story from The Mirror.

Oddest picture to arrive in BikeBiz’s inbox this month
…was undoubtedly this one, featuring a blonde-wigged Victoria Pendleton being stalked by an unconvicing bear in a field. It’s all in aid of promoting Special K breakfast cereal. Obviously.

In other news...

Belgian start-up Gofluo raises €1 million to accelerate future growth

Gofluo has raised €1 million to accelerate company growth and expand to the US, France …