If you want happy customers to return to your shop, here's a list of what not to do

Top six ways to annoy your customers

Over 359,000 customer responses have been analysed by Service Management Group (SMG) to reveal what matters most to shoppers in store.

Taking in responses across a range of sectors, lack of staff assistance topped the list of pet hates, at 27 per cent. Slow service at the till was next, at 22 per cent, while further down the list unfriendly employees provided customers with cause for complaint.

1. Lack of staff assistance – 27% of customers mentioned when not satisfied
2. Slow service at the till – 22%
3. No item availability – 20%
4. Unfriendly employees – 12%
5. Problem occurrence – 9%
6. Limited item selection – 9%

“A period of much needed transformation is underway for the UK High Street—largely prompted by the recent spate of High Street retailers going into administration, increasing competition from e-commerce, and changing consumer expectations," said SMG MD Jeremy Michael.

"The need for brands to stand out from the crowd is more important than ever as they compete for shoppers.

“To encourage loyal customers who not only return, but recommend, brands need to ensure the customer experience is at the heart of their strategy and their staff are delivering high levels of customer service.”


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