Ellsworth founder talks about refining genuine innovations and his 'carbon concerns'

Tony Ellsworth: “Carbon fibre production is an environmental concern”

Founder of Ellsworth Bicycles, Tony Ellsworth, has outlined in an interview with BikeRumor why his company has taken a hard line on environmental issues.

Installing solar panels on the roof of its Southern California warehouse is just one of the many moves the company has made to boost its green credentials – and it’s said that the investment will soon pay for itself.

However, of many concerns Ellsworth raises, Carbon production is top of his hitlist, with particular attention drawn to China’s practices. An extract reads:

"Carbon fibre production is an environmental concern if its processes are not carefully controlled to limit the introduction of carbon dust, and material into the air and water supply.

"Chinese carbon is automatically on the top of my list for lack of environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. The average carbon fibre factory worker sanding those frames, breathing solvents and dust, works 11 hours a day, and six days a week, and makes a little over $70 a month. Most of the ‘high end’ carbon bike frames from names of Spanish and Italian origin, are made in China."

Ellsworth goes on to discuss "how small tweaks can yield benefits on existing designs.

"In general, the ‘best new technology’ can be nothing more than a distraction from ongoing craftsmanship of slowly and surely perfecting a great design."

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