Potholes are covered by brand new offering, which promises to bring business back to the IBD

Tiger Cycles launches new cycling cover

The busy staff at Tiger Cycles have recently completed phase one of the new warehouse complex in Lockerbie and are now rolling out new cycling cover offer alongside its new products for 2011.

Tiger Cycle Assist is being pitched as a revolutionary style of cycling clover providing value to every customer and family, while also locking customers into the IBD that sells them the cover, ensuring repeat business for the shop.

Tiger Cycle Assist costs £15 a year, covers one person and their bike, plus their sponse or partner and children up to the age of 21 – including all the bikes in the household. Damage from potholes in the road is covered too. The IBD keeps a good percentage of the cover fees as margin (more details available direct from Tiger Cycles).

The cover also includes a raft of services designed to help the customer while also ensuring profitiable new business for the IBD, Tiger Cycle said. Those services include:

-A 24/7 helpline for immediate assistance
-Bike repair free of charge for the customer; every repair job is guaranteed to be automatically referred back to the IBD who sold the bike, and the IBD will be paid in full for the repair work including parts and labour
-Physiotherapy at a private local clinic for any customer or member of their family injured in a cycling accident
-£100,000 legal expenses insurance covering the customer’s family
-Like-for-like new-for-old bike replacement: if any bike is damaged beyond repiar as a result of an accident that is not the Tiger Cycle Assist member’s fault they will get a brand new bike to the value of the same purchase price as their own bike, which will be paid for in full by the cover
-Every new replacement bike is guaranteed to be automatically referred back to the IBD who originally sold the bike, with the IBD paid in full for the new bike.

For more details on the scheme contact Tiger Cycles Europe on 01683 220837, or email info@tigercycles.com.


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