Electronics retailer Circuit City Stores will accept online orders for Oakley's MP3 'audio eyewear' on 1st October, with product shipping to US consumers on November 20th. Thump will also be available to order at www.oakley.com and at US Oakley stores.

Thump to be “hottest” Xmas gift, predicts US retailer

Oakley’s Thump "reinvents the concept of portable music players by integrating a state-of-the-art digital audio system into the lightweight architecture of Oakley’s premium performance eyewear," said a joint statement from Oakley and Circuit City.

"This unique design innovation offers unprecedented freedom to the listener. With no cords or bulky player to get in the way, Oakley Thump frees people to enjoy their music in places where tethered players can be cumbersome or even dangerous."

Oakley founder and CEO Jim Jannard said:

"This is a revolution in music freedom."

Thump glasses come in seven colour combinations and two types: a 128MB version for $395 and a 256MB version with polarized lenses for $495.

The glasses link to PCs and Macs via a USB cable and can download up to 60 songs from most of the major computer music programmes, including the industry leading iTunes service from Mac, using the tried and trusted drag-and-drop method.

Never before have your Oaks shown up on your computer desk-top…


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