Members of the National Studio Cycling Register will take part in real, outdoor bike rides during Bike Week in June.

Three spinners go outside for Bike Week; 30 000 stay indoors

NSCR founder Rick Kiddle will compete in the Windsor triathlon and then take a week to ride from London to York to demonstrate spinning classes to visitors at the CTC’s York Rally.

And NSCR master trainer Chris Mackie will be captain to Jenny Chandler’s stoker as the pair ride from London to Brighton. Joining them in spirit will be 30 000 spinners at 1000 studio cycling classes all over the UK.

The NSCR has 400 qualified instructors who run 1000+ studio cycling classes in gyms across the UK.

Founder Rick Kiddle, a top triathlete, will be stopping off at five gyms on his way from London to York, promoting Bike Week, Cancer Research UK (Bike Week’s designated charity) and the concept of spinning. Kiddle operates the National Studio Cycling Centre in High Wycombe, which offers spinning classes and instructor training courses, all undertaken on StairMaster LeMond RevMaster static bikes.

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