Much of the information in the brand new Cyclists' Sourcebook (International Edition) is wrong. Almost every single brand in the brand name index has been assigned the incorrect UK distributor. The publishing company today confirmed that it has a money-back policy for those purchasers who feel the number of errors in the £25 directory warrants a refund.

Those dissatisfied with the new Cyclists’ Sourcebook can get their money back, says publisher

The 2002 Cyclists’ Sourcebook from A&D Media, part of the Mark Allen Publishing group, is littered with mistakes.

Gremlins have been especially busy in the brand name index at the back of the book. Very few of the brands listed are distributed by the suppliers listed by the Sourcebook.

There are some interesting juxtapositions:

Gore-tex and fleece jacket brand Berghaus is said to be distributed by Autoculture, a go-cart supplier.

Campag is distributed through rival components company X-lite.

Continental isn’t done by a major Sourcebook advertiser but by Templar of France.

Dahon folding bikes aren’t distributed by Cyclemotion but by Shelly, importer of German children’s trikes.

Dr Sludge, the anti-puncture fluid, is supplied by Rab, a sleeping bag manufacturer.

Reebok Heartrate Monitors are distributed by ‘Coed & Brenin Forest Centre’

Trendy Planet X bits are distributed by Dutch clothing manufacturer Agu.

‘MBR Cycling Trail (12 miles)’, apparently, is a brand distributed by Witcomb Cycles.

The Wethepeople BMX brand is distributed by knives supplier Whitby and Co.

Windcheetah recumbents are distributed by dynamo specialist Amba Marketing.

The list goes on.

When BikeBiz told Roz Shipley, subscriptions manager at Mark Allen Publishing, about the problems, she said a refund policy is now in place.

"If you are not happy with the book, return it and we’ll put the money back on your credit card."

Tel: 0800 137 201.


The BikeBizBible ‘Refresher Edition’ has almost gone to press and will be shipped FREE to all 2500 recipients of BicycleBusiness by the end of the month. If you have any brand queries before then, the brand name index on the online B3 is kept as up-to-date as possible. If you see any gremlins fiddling with the data, let us know!

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